Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hepy birthdy ain

i not in gud moog to writing now.. don no why..

but today, finally i feel so release..

in this 2 month, i think...

im so stress.. so many thing hv 2 do..

so many place hv to go..

the last thing i hv to do is my daughter birthday pary..

this saturday..

dah 2 week aku x chat..

today baru la rase sihat sgt..

so im thinking to try for a spa..

it is real work to release our stres.. hehehe

try je la kan..

x de slhnya..

well.. after this nak gi beli brg utk party Ain Hana..

2 days annual leave..

of course la fit dgn macam2 preparation her birthday..

ermmm... what ever la..

im so tired now....

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