Sunday, April 25, 2010


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Thank You Cik Puan Ezzah.

List the date of birth of your first child and your following children.. add also their names..
Ain Hana Syafiah - 31 Mac 2006
Anas Haikal - 12 Mac 2008

Upload a picture of you with your children..

sila abaikan muka Mommy yg pernuh jerawat itu yer..

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i. Siti (Ibu Waz n Baby Baru)

ii. Che Khams (ibu Faqhry)

iii. Zuelira (ibu umie & Acad)

3 membebel:

Ezzah said...

ishk...mummy tombam! :)

Madamme Anne said...

hakhak... hbs kurus dah tu.. klu kurus lg kang tinggal tulang jer.. hehehe

JUE said...

Anne...k.jue tumpang amik award dr Ezzah kt cni yer? Dianye x leh copy!