Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MY Little Baby Girl.

i alwiz think that my little girl is still baby..
i hope she will alwiz be a little baby.. i hope she's not growing up..
more she grow up.. more she left me..

oh no.....
MyEm0.com MyEm0.com

yesterday, the nursery having parent day..
ain hana involve for her nursery presentation..
my sister did told me that ain hana told her that she will be a duck.. in other time, she told that she will be a tree.. which one is corret.. we will not know until the day..

the day is yesterday...
i'd sent her to her nursery @ 7.15 am..
sorry ladies, ain sleep late.. so she still sleep and i cant take her bath.. hehehe

my hubby n i reach at the dewan..
we had to hiding from her.. afraid if she saw us, she will cry n dun want to do her presentation..
i saw her for far.. she so cute... with the new shirt i bought a day b4.. its red color.. she also 'tocang dua' her hair.. i wonder where she get that cute face..

she did her presentation aroud 11.30 am...

actually, i'm not feeling well yesterday.. i got flu and cought.. MyEm0.Com

but i have to come.. i must see my girl done her 1st acting.. MyEm0.com

so, she came out from the back stage..
she's wearing a flower mask.. she's so small...

She is FLOWER...

ain wif athirah.. cousin..

she'd placed at the back.. mane la nmpk..

sadly thing is..

she so small n placed at the back..

pic quality also very worst coz the stage was far.. my camera cannot zoom well..MyEm0.com

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