Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She Said To Him

i remember 1st time we met..
u dont even look at me.
n i know y..
but, u miss at some place..
lastly i know.. i saw u looking at me..

im starting text u
thougt u would reply me..
gosh, so suprise u give me a gud feedback..
start on the day..
we keep text with each other..
yes, totally im falling in love with u.
my face shining when i heard ur msg tone from my phone..
i can be apart with my hp bcoz i dont want to reply ur msg so late.
we spend around 100 to 200 msg a day..
gosh.. yes, totally im falling in luv..
u make me smile..
u make me waiting ur text..
u will always call me when u going home..
u said,
just to hear my voice.. afraid will miss me..

but now...
are we getting apart.?
are we start bored each other?
are u didnt miss me anymore..?

just want you to know..
my love to you cannot be count.. even words cannot describe how i feel..

saje nak menyelit gmbr.. hehehe

2 membebel:

are-za said...

anne windu kat cik abe ker?he2..

Madamme Anne said...

tiap2 hari jumpa...